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Organizational consultation involves a professional service of providing information, advice, or help to an organization in meeting its objectives or solving its problems. Consulting sometimes takes the form of professional knowledge but it can also include consulting about process and functioning. In most situations that Dr. Salerno consults with organizations on, instruction is not the most effective way to transfer knowledge. Rather, creating a climate and environment in which learning and change can take place is key. This is what the highest levels of organizational consulting can do it can create a change in process and functioning of the organization. The knowledge then will emerge on its own.


What kinds of organizations can benefit from consultation?

Both organizations that are proactively trying to strengthen their awareness of psychology and group dynamics to optimize their functioning and organizations that have had problems with diminished productivity, failure to reach goals, interpersonal conflict (including scape-boating or isolation) may benefit from consultations. Dr. Salerno's experiences in a wide array of different psychological work environments including fast-growing companies, schools, and hospitals has allowed him to experience how organizations across various fields.

What is the theoretical basis of Dr. Salerno's consultations?

An integration of theories from System-Centered Theory, the Tavistock Model, Bion's Theory of Groups, and Behavioral Consultation are the basis of Dr. Salerno's approach towards consultation, organizations, and groups.