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Family Therapy

Family therapy helps people in a family to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to better understand each other's experiences, appreciate each other's needs, and make useful changes in their lives.

Dr. Salerno helps families improve their communication and problem solving patterns to help them better understand what works to improve the quality of their relationships. Changing old patterns of family interactions and re-learning how to interact with compassion and joy is the ultimate goal of family therapy.

What kinds of difficulties can be helped through Family Therapy?

  • Child and adolescent mental health issues

  • Parenting issues

  • Illness and disability in the family

  • Separation, divorce, and step-family life

  • Self-harm and the effects of trauma

Different cultures and groups of individuals have different notions of what a family means. For our purposes 'family' means any group of people who define themselves as such and who care about and for each other.

Sometimes, who one member of the family might be eager to try Family Therapy while others might be more reluctant. This is understandable and, in fact, might be part of the pattern of interactions that have troubled the family. It might be useful to arrange an initial meeting with Dr. Salerno, to discuss the possibility of working together and give everyone a chance to air their concerns and questions. Dr. Salerno will be happy to discuss the ways forward with you.