Joseph D. Salerno, Psy.D.

New Patients


A thorough introduction

Dr. Salerno tries to make sure that all of his new clients feel welcome, safe and well taken care of. A thorough introduction to therapy is part of the first visit. Sessions are 50 minutes in length.

In accordance with the 2013 HIPPA Omnibus Rule, the Notice of Privacy Policies is posted here.


Fees and Insurnace:

The standard fee for a 50-minute session is $200.

Like many psychotherapists in private practice, I am an out-of-network provider. 

I do not bill insurance companies directly. However, many clients who see me rely on their health insurance to cover a portion of the cost of psychotherapy. I will provide you with a bill that includes all the information that you will need to submit the claim to your insurance, if your insurance company provides out-of-network benefits. If you are unsure how insurance reimbursement works, feel free to ask me or contact the Member Services department of your plan.

When individuals access mental health benefits through their health insurance, disclosure of confidential information may be required by the health insurance carrier or HMO/PPO/MCO/EAP as part of their claims process. Providers have no control over, or even knowledge of, what insurance companies do with the information that providers submit or who has access to this information. So providing health insurance companies this information carries a certain amount of risk to confidentiality, privacy, or future capacity to obtain health or life insurance or even a job. The risk stems from the fact that mental health information is entered into big insurance companies' computers and reported to the National Medical Data Bank. Computers are inherently vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized access. Medical data has also been reported to have been legally accessed by law enforcement and other agencies, which may put clients in a vulnerable position.

I do not feel comfortable with an insurance company strictly defining what I do and limiting treatment based on insurance regulations. A client's progress can be negatively effected by these restrictions--limiting the number of sessions or requiring a specific diagnosis or level of impairment for coverage.

Therefore, I run a fee-for-service practice, which is straightforward and easy to understand with no hidden charges or surprise bills. My responsibility is to you and your care, not managing the needs of the insurance company.


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