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School Advocacy

Parents often feel concerned and confused when their child is identified as having a disability and is in need of special services from their school. Dr. Salerno can help if your child or adolescent requires special attention in school due to learning disabilities, ADHD, or emotional problems. Dr. Salerno can collaborate with your child’s school counselors, teachers, special education staff, and school administration to ensure that your child gets the services he or she needs to excel. Dr. Salerno can also attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings and other school meetings with you to help you advocate for your child.

"Sometimes when I engage in School Advocacy efforts, I can be all but invisible to the school, teachers, and administrators. By getting the parents, and eventually the child to advocate for him or herself, I can set that child up for continued success in dealing with their disability in real life. Eventually, the child becomes an adolescent who can talk about what he needs to his high school guidance counselor or eventually his job so that he can access those accomodations for the rest of his life." ---Dr. Salerno

Dr. Salerno has worked as a school psychologist when he was in New Jersey, but now works directly with families as an advocate for their children in the educational system. He remains involved in the school reform movement and has worked closely with learning disability consultants and so is familiar with a wide variety of educational interventions and techniques.